Dymphna Lanjuran


I am Dymphna (pronounced as dim-na), the artist behind all of the artworks here. I love expressing myself through art, words and other creative endeavours.

Dymphna Lanjuran

To me, art has the ability to express more than what the eyes can see - to allow us be intimate, open and vulnerable with our emotions, to trust our intuition and to heal from things that we do not talk about.

Art is akin to meditation and prayers for me - it is grounding and calming. It is the median point of balance between body, mind and spirit.

Through art, I am reconnected back to my inner child, able to dive deep into what matters most in life and live a life of appreciation, gratitude and contribution. 

Dymphna Lanjuran Art Studio

Art is a wonderful tool to make a difference - whether through the sharing of joy through artworks, art workshops, painting sessions, etc., art has the ability to touch lives in its own way. Because of that, one of my mission is to continue sharing the inner joy of art to as many people and places as I can. 😄 It is an abundant and infinite world indeed.

Art makes a difference - Dymphna Lanjuran

Currently, I enjoy painting abstract floral and various intuitive abstract expressions. You will see most of my works here are surrounding these two themes. As I enjoy writing too, each artworks are accompanied with their own stories and meaning as well. 

Dymphna Lanjuran.jpg

Besides painting and managing this online store, I also curate and produce art exhibitions in Inner Joy Art Gallery. Through the gallery, I am also helping to market, promote and create online presence for fine art artists in Malaysia. 

Other than that, I am also passionate in making a difference to our community through art and other acts of service. If you're subscribed for my mailing list, you'll be seeing more updates about this too! 

I hope you enjoy browsing this website and online store. If you want to see more of my larger artworks and the artworks of other artists that I have curated, head over to Inner Joy Art Gallery website.

Inner Joy Art Gallery, Malaysia

For my official art profile and a more formal write-up about my background, you can check it out HERE.

In the meantime, if you want to ask me anything, feel free to drop me a message and follow me in my social media pages too (links at the bottom of the website). Buzz me at anytime if you have any comments or feedback to share too. I would love to hear from you and will do my best to reply to you asap! 😄

Enjoy your reading and happy shopping!

Dymphna Lanjuran, Blue Lady Commissioned Painting

Love and blessings,

Dymphna Lanjuran 🍀🌸

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