Exhibition curated ~ Colour mine Vermilion

Exhibition curated ~ Colour mine Vermilion

Colour mine Vermilion

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Abdelaziz, Dymphna and the participating artists at the opening night of Vermilion exhibition.

AN ART community group has taken art exhibitions out of the art gallery and holding one at a restobar.

Opposites Abstract founders Dymphna Lanjuran and Abdelaziz Gattoufi broke the norm to bring art to the people instead of the other way around.The duo have organised an art show at Locker Room in DC Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Abdelaziz said art galleries, more often than not, were exclusive to art collectors and enthusiasts, hence limiting the audience.“

We were hanging out at Locker Room one day when its publicity person suggested that we have our art exhibition at their place.

“We were baffled at first since the bar has no white walls, which is a typical feature in art galleries to display the artwork.

“But we were eventually convinced that it was possible and to try something different,” he said.

Pink Yap with her work, ‘Faith’. — Photos: SHAARI CHEMAT/The StarPink Yap with her work, ‘Faith’. — Photos: SHAARI CHEMAT/The Star

“So, we had the first exhibition there over two weeks in March. About 20 artworks were displayed on the walls and some were sold.

“After our first successful art exhibition, we are now confident about our second,” he added.

Dymphna said the current exhibition featured 30 foreign and Malaysian artists with abstract works under the theme “Vermilion.”

“The works explore the use of this particular colour that has been widely used all over the world and throughout history from the Middle Ages and Ancient Rome to the Renaissance as well as in the art and lacquerware of China. It is also well-known as sindoor in India.

“We get to see the use of vermilion in the current modern art of abstraction. Ideas, sensations, emotions, history and fun imaginative elements with the striking colour displayed on canvases and other mediums,” she said.

Due to the bigger number of artworks this time around, they are not only up on the walls, but also hanging from the venue’s ceiling.

Ayawan in front of his creation, ‘Dark Soul’.Ayawan in front of his creation, ‘Dark Soul’.

Dymphna said Opposites Abstract would continue to explore unconventional contemporary locations for art exhibitions.

“The collaboration with Locker Room, a restaurant and bar, showed that we can leverage on the element of light reflections and music as the fun factor in the art exhibition.

“Each exhibition will last for about two weeks.

“We have more than 70 members from all over the world, with most of them currently residing in or frequently travels to Malaysia.

“On Saturdays, the artists themselves will be present to meet and greet visitors at the exhibition, and explain their works to anyone who wants to know more,” she said.The Vermilion Art Exhibition was launched with an art talk followed by performances from artists Ayawan Musafir Singgah and Shenny Nichella. Ayawan played the flute and Shenny drew a painting while dancing ballet.

The exhibition ends on April 20.

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